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Learn to Play Fiddle with Video and Audio Lessons Online

Make Lessons Online Easier with Fiddle Tabs

Fiddle tab charts for the most popular fiddle tunes make these lessons fun and easy. Streaming video and and fast MP3 file downloads get you going right away.

These fiddle lessons use fiddle tab, not standard music notation. See the notes in the example below:

violin music notes

This is standard music notation. What finger do you use? What string do you play? Even beginning Suzuki violin students do not read this. Why should fiddle students who just want to play a fiddle tune?

Now compare the fiddle tab you see just below.

fiddle tab notation

You see exactly what string to play and what finger to use. No mystery. No problem. You can learn to play fiddle faster and easier with fiddle tab. And have more fun doing it, too.

Suppose you already play by ear--you can learn to read fiddle tab in a few minutes or less. It's intuitive. It's easy.It's fun. (If you prefer a DVD, click Fiddle Video DVD.)

With the quick MP3 download links, you only need the MP3 software you already have. (Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, for example.)

The video portion works just like YouTube or any video site online. These lessons are easy and fun.

How good are these online fiddle tab lessons? Here's what one fiddler wrote:

I have spent the last year and a half learning scales and looking for some type
of instruction that clicked with me. Finally tonight I found your site
and just from your free online lessons you've answered a number of questions
that have built up in this short time.
Jay Thompson

The first free fiddle lesson gives you an audio introduction to reading fiddle tab charts. You will go on to play Shady Grove, a haunting modal tune based on a folk song. This lesson is easily worth $9.97. Right now it's free as an example. It covers the basics in detail.

The second lesson in fiddle technique shows you how to Groove Your Shuffle. This gives you the danceable rhythm than makes people tap their toes. You will apply this concept to Bilem Cabbage Down. I use to charge $9.97 for this. This one also is free. For now.

The third fiddle instruction session teaches you the Power Stroke. This exciting technique can be used in most tunes. You will try it out in Ida Red. It's a perfect tune for learning this technique. It makes you sound like you are playing faster than you really are.

The fourth online fiddle lesson is all about Hammer-ons and Pull-offs. You can easily create a lot of excitement in your playing with this factor. The first time I heard this I was astounded at the way the fiddler was playing so fast. Later, I realized, he was not playing fast at all! It was the hammer-ons and pull-offs that made it sound fast.

Cripple Creek, a Top 10 Tune, is a good model for learning this.

These lessons are free. Use them as much as you like. I use to charge for them. Not any more.

Here is an entirely new section of online fiddle lessons. Music theory for fiddlers.