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Fiddle Tab Charts for
Shady Grove

Shady Grove: Fiddle with Simple Saw Stroke or Shuffle Bow

Below is a copy of the tab chart for Shady Grove. This is a simple version. No shuffle bow. Just saw the bow back and forth and count.

Download the MP3 file Shady Grove.


You can see there are still just eight bars. With the rhythmic activity, there are more notes. More information in the same amount of space means more scrunch. This is a repeatable version. Play through as many times as you wish.

Download the shuffle version Shady Shuffle.


By the time you get here, you have covered several important fiddle concepts. You took a simple tune and changed it to shuffle bow.
And before that, you played the D major scale and its relative minor, B minor. Another B minor fiddle tune is Tommy People's Reel.